Segasist Technologies is a privately held medical device company developing contouring/segmentation solutions for medical image analysis.

The company’s founding team came together in 2007 to commercialize a software product for medical image segmentation. The technology – developed at the University of Waterloo, Canada, by a  team of highly specialized scientists and software engineers – is based on a set of unique and proprietary algorithms for modality-independent lesion/organ contouring.

Our premiere product, the Segasist Segmentation Engine, is a software solution that provides more accurate contouring of lesions and organs than any current competitive method. It is initially being developed for use in radiation planning and radiology, and can be integrated into existing commercial visualization and planning software, or utilized as a plug-in productivity tool.

Products are currently in development for prostate MRI, prostate CT, lung CT, and prostate Ultrasound. Segasist is a flexible solution that can also be applied to other modalities and lesion/organ types.

Segasist Technologies follows a rigorous development process, facilitating regulatory compliance and OEM integration. Our process includes a stringent document and source code control system, state-of-the-art development tools, and effective project management.