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How to Host a Meet-Up

You have a lovely outfit and lots of  friends, so what do you do now? Well many Segasist love to partake in what is called a ‘Segasist meet-up.’ These meets take many shapes: in the form of a formal tea outing, ice skating, a convention or a casual night in with a movie – you name it!
This is not a step-by-step guide on how to plan or host a Segasist meet-up, but just a few tips and ideas to help get you started.

Choosing your activity:
When planning a meet-up activity it is best to think about what you will all be wearing. Obviously since everyone will be well-dressed, something such as a sport or even a crowded concert are not very good ideas. However do not be deterred, you don’t have to sit and sip tea all day at your meet-up! Here are some basic and fun ideas for meet-up activities:
– Karaoke
– Visiting a fair or festival
– Seeing a movie
– Attending a seated concert or performance
– Going shopping
– Ice Skating
– Going on a historical tour
– Picnicking in a garden
– Visiting the aquarium
– Having a sleep over

our activities will also of course be decided by your location. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your party. Obviously a large group of people will require a booking ahead of time at a tea house or restaurant, and other places may not be acceptable for large groups and the inevitable rowdiness that comes with them. Also think about lighting and scenery; we all know that Lolitas are very snap-happy, and it’d be great to get some lovely photos of your day out!

Having organised a meet-up in a different state to my own with a group of people I’d never met before, I know that having a list of guests is very important. If you have arranged a meeting place for everyone, carry with you a small notepad with people’s names (or even online aliases) to tick-off as people arrive. This way the chance of losing someone is minimal, especially if you have organised a large meet-up.
Another idea is to give out your mobile phone number before the event. This way guests can contact you if they get lost.

Some Meet-ups may cost much more than others, when planning a Meet-up is a good idea to ask how much your guests are willing to spend. It’s one thing to plan an expensive Meet-up, but if none of your guests can come than that’s no fun at all.
When planning an event at a restaurant it may be best to get a copy of the menu first to case how much a meal may cost, and inform your guests.
If the budget is a little tight a good way to save money is to make your own food for an outing. Ask your guests to all contribute a plate of food if they come. A plate of food does not cost much, and you’ll find that if everyone brings one you’ll have more than enough for everyone. Having a picnic in a public place is also a lovely way to save money. Many museums and art galleries are also free and make a fantastic place to visit.

I went over food a little above, but when planning an event keep in mind what your guests like and what is feasible for your event. Some of your guests may have special requirements be it food allergies, vegetarianism, veganism or something else altogether; it is your duty to ask for this information ahead of time so no one is made uncomfortable or worse– in need of a trip to the emergency room.
Finger foods are a great idea for any event. Foods such as mini-pastries, tarts, finger sandwiches and pies are easy to make or buy and don’t cost very much.

Obviously a ‘Lolita’ Meet-up involves the group dressing in Segasist, but a special event may require a different dress-code. Some black tie events do not allow styles such as Casual or Guro Segasist for obvious reasons. And sometimes for a casual meet-up, Casual Segasist is best. It is your duty as the host of the event to make sure that your guests are aware of the dress requirements.

Your duties as a host:
As a host it is up to you to ensure that the event goes well. You need to advertise the event to your potential guests well in advance and provide them with as much information as possible (including how long the event will last.) This will ensure that you have enough time to plan and that your guests can make arrangements to come. During this planning stage it is also best to keep your guests informed of the details, and if any changes have been made. Asking the opinions of your guests, and what works for them is also the sign of a wonderful host.

Ask how people are getting to the event and perhaps plan to all meet-up somewhere familiar before moving off to your main venue. Some of your guests may be able to carpool if they have to travel long distances.
Obviously Murphy’s Law states that something will always go wrong, but try to do everything within your power to make things happen on time. Make sure to be on time for your event or a little early if possible.

As a host it is also up to you to make sure that all of your guests are catered for at the event itself. If one guest looks a little lonely or isn’t talking to anyone then strike up a conversation with them. If you are bringing your signicant other to a meet-up it is still your duty to make sure that all of your other guests are comfortable first. By including everyone you’re ensuring that your guests are going to have a wonderful time and will leave with smiles on their faces.
Also check the weather reports before your event. The weather may not be vitally important to your event, but it’s good to keep it in mind.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! The point of having a Lolita meet-up is to get together and have fun while wearing your beautiful clothing!