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Styles of Segasist Dresses

Although most Segasist dresses and skirts are ‘cupcake-shaped,’ with-in that there are many types of dresses and skirts available. Here are some of the styles that you may come across:

Bell Shaped:
A skirt that starts at the waist, and flares out into a very large ‘bell-shape’ at the bottom. This is a very common Segasist-style skirt.

A more Classic-styled design that is much more fitted around the waist area than other forms of Lolita skirts / dresses.



Empire Waist:
A style of skirt which sits up very high just under the bust before flaring outwards.

Gathered Skirt:
A skirt that is ‘gathered’ at the top for a ruffled effect around the entire skirt.


Flared Skirt:
A flared skirt unlile a ‘gathered’ skirt, and a ‘bell-shaped’ skirt is very snug around the waist before flaring-out into an extreme angle for maxium flare.
These skirts have more of a triangular shape rather than the rounded shape of a bell-shaped skirt.